Stefan Pelzl was born in 1955 into a family with a strong musical background. He began piano lessons at the age of ten, but switched to the flute at fifteen, where he received a classical education. From the age of nineteen, he mainly studied the saxophone on his own, taking part in numerous workshops. It was during this time that his focus shifted to jazz. As a result, he became involved in various jazz ensembles, often leading his own group like Stefan Pelzl’s JUJU, where he showcased his skills as an instrumentalist, composer and arranger.

Stefan Pelzl has performed in numerous concerts and participated in various international Jazz Festivals like Saalfelden, Wiesen, Raab, Steyr, Sibiu (Romania), Innsbruck (kunstschiene 3, 2007) and the 8th Dehli International Jazzfestival 2019 (with Jazzmed) in India. He showcased his talents as both a saxophonist and a flutist (transverse flute), captivating audiences at the Donau Festival and the Donauinselfest (“Danube Island Festival”).

With his band Stefan Pelzl’s JUJU he also received the prestigious title of “best soloist” at the “2nd Lower Austria Jazz Contest” in 1988. Additionally, he collaborated with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF on studio productions, live recordings, and concerts at Radiokulturhaus Wien and ORF – Studio Tirol.

Collaborative musical endeavors have been undertaken with esteemed artists including Florian Bramböck, Klaus Hofer, Gernot Wolfgang (GRAMMY® nominated), Heinz Cabas, Leo Wright, Ingrid Jensen, Joris Dudli, Karl Sayer, Klaus Göhr, Andy Bartosh, Franz Hautzinger, Thomas Gansch, Lorenz Raab, Idris Muhammad, Robert Schönherr, and the Wiener Kammersymphonie.

Over the past few years, Stefan’s focus has increasingly shifted towards “Classical Contemporary Music.” Wiener Kammersymphonie (WKS) has performed many of his compositions with great success. During September, 2022, the inaugural performance of his composition A Tribute to James Joyce, occurred in Vienna. This remarkable event unfolded in the “Bank Austria Salon” and proved to be a resounding triumph, largely attributed to the extraordinary talents of the performers involved.

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