Here you’ll discover details regarding my various musical endeavors, upcoming events, releases of CDs, and more. I appreciate your interest in these matters.

The pages that follow outline the different phases of my musical journey. Initially rooted in classical music, I gravitated towards jazz at a young age and have since immersed myself in both jazz and contemporary classical music for over a decade. My musical repertoire encompasses compositions from diverse creative periods, collaborating with a wide array of bands,  instrumentalists and performers. You can explore examples of my work under the section titled “Music”.

In addition to the information on this website, I invite you to explore my digital content on pageflow, where you will find a wide range of multimedia-rich material. Through photographs, soundtracks, and videos, you will gain insights into my life as a jazz musician and composer of both jazz tunes and contemporary classical music. Additionally, you will discover significant information regarding the concerts taking place in 2023 and 2024, where I will be performing as a musician with the following bands: Walk Tall, The New ADO ADO Quartet, and JazzMed.

Warm regards,

Stefan Pelzl from Vienna